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Despite not being the most outdoorsy of people, I spent many years in the Scouts, desperately trying to put up tents on a Friday afternoon before Shabbat came in, hammering tent pegs (and sometimes my fingers) and trying to stop the tent ...

Posted on 9 March 2016, By Rabbi Roni Tabick
Beyond the Object: The Yad

A yad is a ritual pointer used by Torah readers to follow the text when leyening (chanting from the Torah scroll). It’s used to ensure that we don’t damage the parchment of the scroll – or worse, deface the lettering – by touching...

Posted on 2 March 2016, By Meira Ben-Gad
Yom Masorti 2016

Yom Masorti 2016 attracted a diverse range of speakers and attendees  More than 200 people from across Masorti Judaism’s 15 UK communities as well as a number of Jewish, political, charitable and media organisations came to...

Posted on 2 March 2016, By Masorti Judaism