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We live in a practical and utilitarian society. We are proud of our ability to create incredible gadgets that save us effort and time. From the invention of the electric bulb to our smartphones, the Western world is in love with technolog...

Posted on 16 March 2016, By Rabbi Mijael Even David
Masorti Liverpool Service

Join Liverpool’s Masorti community for a friendly, egalitarian Shabbat service in Woolton. The service will start at 9:45am, with Seuda at 5:00pm followed by Havdala. The Seuda title is ‘My Life As a Spy’. Services and S...

Posted on 10 March 2016, By Masorti Judaism
European Rabbis Meeting in Nice

For the last several years the Masorti rabbis from across Europe have held annual meetings hosted by one of our European congregations, in order to study Torah, share experiences, discuss Jewish and communal concerns and find solidarity i...

Posted on 9 March 2016, By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg