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‘When you come to the land which the Lord your God gives you ….and you say: “I shall place a king over me like all the nations around me”, you will surely set over yourself a king whom the Lord your God will choose.’ [Deut 1...

Posted on 18 August 2015, By Nahum Gordon

Deuteronomy changes the worship practices of ancient Israel from local shrines to a centralised place. “You shall not act like we are all doing here now, everyone doing what they like!” (Deut 12:8) The Deuteronomic text’s clear agen...

Posted on 11 August 2015, By Chazan Jaclyn Chernett

A wonderful student, let’s call him Josh, who has spent the last year studying here in Jerusalem at the Conservative Yeshiva came to see me this week. He was puzzled by something that had just happened to him. The Yeshiva davens weekly ...

Posted on 4 August 2015, By Rabbi Joel Levy