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Reflections – Bo

In the midst of recounting the horrifying last three plagues in Egypt, God tells Moses and Aaron: “This month shall mark for you the beginning of the months; it shall be the first of the months of the year for you.” (Exodus 12...

Posted on 23 January 2015, By Rabbi Melissa Crespy
Reflections – Vaera

Parashat Vaera opens dramatically with God’s stirring proclamation to Moses: “I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as El Shaddai , but I did not make myself known to them by my name Adonai . I also establishe...

Posted on 16 January 2015, By Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
Reflections – Shemot

This action-packed Sedra recounts the increase in Jacob’s descendants in Egypt, their persecution, and the birth and calling of Moses to lead his people out of slavery. The increase from seventy souls who went into Egypt to tribes cause...

Posted on 9 January 2015, By Teresa Kosmin