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Reflections – Vayigash

This has to be one of the most poignant verses in the whole Torah!  Joseph is reunited with Israel (Jacob), his father.  Who weeps upon whose neck is the subject of rabbinical comment, but Ramban says the father wept over the son just a...

Posted on 27 December 2014, By Chazan Jaclyn Chernett
Reflections – Miketz

Novels by Ursula Le Guin.  The Taoist philosophy of the books, conjectured that being able to truly know a thing or someone, to be able to name them, gave you power over them.  Naming within the Torah is loaded, symbolic and meaningful....

Posted on 20 December 2014, By Georgia Kaufmann
Reflections – Vayeshev

The Torah seems to be in search of places in which we can experience God’s presence. What kind of place is ideal for the encounter with God? Or in modern terms: where is the place where we can discover our true identity, where we ca...

Posted on 13 December 2014, By Dr Annette Boeckler