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Reflections – Shofetim

In this week’s parasha, the People of Israel are standing in the desert outside the Land of Israel. Moses instructs them about the Israelite State that they will establish when they cross the river. For decades they have been nomads...

Posted on 30 August 2014, By Shaiya Rothberg PhD
Reflections – Re’eh

There is an anomaly in the Hebrew of the first few verses of Sedra Re’eh, which most translations render, ‘See, I have set before you blessing and curse: blessing if you obey the commandments of the Eternal your God that I enjoin upon...

Posted on 23 August 2014, By Robert Stone
Reflections – Vaetchanan

The haftarah of Shabbat Nachamu is the first of seven prophecies of consolation. These follow the national and religious trauma wreaked by the destruction of the Temple and the exile to Babylon which we marked last week on Tisha B’Av. B...

Posted on 9 August 2014, By Matt Plen