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Reflections: Tzav

Tzav merely supplements the general commandments to the Israelite nation with more detailed instructions for the priests. These regulations focus exclusively on ritual minutiae and show no concern whatsoever for theological or ethical mat...

Posted on 23 March 2013, By Matt Plen
Reflections: Vayikra

The reputation of the Book of Leviticus, which we begin to read this Shabbat, has suffered from ups and downs in the public eye. In traditional Judaism it was considered so important that the education of little children began with the st...

Posted on 16 March 2013, By Rabbi Dr. Reuven Hammer
Reflections: Vayakhel-Pekudei

Pikudei, this year read in conjunction with Vayakhel as a double Sidrah is the last of five parshyot on the construction of the Mishkan, or Tabernacle. It begins with the accounts (Pikudei) of the value of precious materials used in the c...

Posted on 9 March 2013, By Elaine Grazin