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Reflections: Bo

This week’s Torah portion, “Bo”, delineates the last three plagues brought upon the Egyptians and the final stages of preparation for bnei yisrael before the exodus from Egypt, the land of slavery and oppression. On the surface leve...

Posted on 19 January 2013, By Rabbi Stuart Altshuler
Reflections: Vaera

Was there something special about Abraham, which caused God to pluck him from obscurity and to enter into an eternal covenant with him? Our tradition offers many different responses to this question. “For I know him (Ki Y’dativ), that...

Posted on 12 January 2013, By Rabbi Joel Levy
Reflections: Shemot

Parshat Shemot does not begin where the book of Bereishit ended. At the end of Parshat Vayechi, Joseph dies, having prophesied to his brothers that God will bring them out of Egypt to the land he promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yet ...

Posted on 5 January 2013, By Jonathan Wiseman